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Breast Assessment Centre

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Breast Assessment Centre

Mammography PRHC's Breast Assessment Centre is home to the Ontario Breast Screening Program, where women receive screening mammograms. The Centre provides further assessment for individuals who have an abnormal screening mammogram or present with breast health concerns such as lumps and changes to the breast.

PRHC’s Breast Assessment Centre is accredited through the Canadian Association of Radiologists Mammography Accreditation Program. As an accredited site, patients can be assured that they are receiving the highest quality mammography images.

A key role to the Centre’s success is the Breast Health Navigator. The Navigator guides a patient step by step through her journey (from screening, diagnosis, surgery to treatment) ensuring patient(s) with abnormal breast results receive timely access to coordinated care – all within PRHC.

Thank you to the Survivors Abreast Dragon Boat team for your continuous support of PRHC’s Breast Assessment Centre. It’s through your fundraising efforts that PRHC is able to provide access to high quality patient care close to home. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to raising awareness of breast health.

The services offered at the Breast Assessment Centre include:

Screening Mammography 

  • Ontario Breast Screening Program (OBSP) 
    • WHO: Women 50 years of age and older with no history of breast cancer, no breast implants and no current breast problems 
    • HOW: Women can self-refer by calling 705-740-8166
    • Benefits of the OBSP include: 
      • Result letters sent to patient and primary care provider 
      • Reminder letters sent to patient when they are due for next screening (every 1-2 years)
  • Non-OBSP Screening 
    • WHO:
      • Women aged 40-49
      • Women with breast implants
      • Women with a personal history of breast cancer
      • Men with a strong family history of breast cancer 
    • HOW: Ask your healthcare provider to fax a completed referral form to 705-740-8167 
  • Ontario Breast Screening Program (OBSP) for Women at High Risk 
    • WHO: Women aged 30-69 who as determined by their primary care provider are at high risk for developing breast cancer (i.e. significant family history) 
    • HOW: Ask your healthcare provider to fax a completed referral form to 705-740-8167
    • WHAT: Upon receipt of the referral, the Breast Health Navigator will facilitate genetic assessment with PRHC’s Genetic Counselor to determine eligibility for the program. Once confirmed to be high risk by the Genetic Counselor, annual mammography and breast MRI will be offered to patients.

If you have an abnormal screening mammogram or you are experiencing breast health concerns, the following services may be arranged by your healthcare provider: 

  • Diagnostic Mammography
  • Breast Ultrasound 
  • Breast MRI as part of the Breast Assessment Program 
  • Image-guided Core Biopsies
  • Supportive and coordinated care from the Breast Health Navigator 
  • Surgical consults as part of the Breast Assessment Program 
  • Preoperative Needle Localization and Sentinel Lymph Node Mapping
  • Access to PRHC’s Genetics Program in order to determine eligibility for “OBSP for Women at High Risk”

How to find us?

The Breast Assessment Centre is located on the third (3) floor of PRHC.  

Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. (Appointments are occasionally available outside of this timeframe, please call for more information.)

For more information, contact us at 705-740-8166

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