The Mental Health Inpatient program offers crisis intervention, assessment, stabilization, short-term treatment and discharge planning for people with serious mental illness. Peterborough Regional Health Services (PRHC) offers both an Adult Psychiatric Inpatient Care Unit (PICU) – for individuals 18 years and older, as well as the inpatient Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Unit (CAPU) for those under 18 in the region.

Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Unit (CAPU)

CAPU is a six (6) bed short-stay assessment and stabilization unit. We provide a safe and low-stimulus therapeutic environment for youth 17 years of age and under. Patients meet with a Psychiatrist and Social Worker daily. Nursing staff and Child and Youth Workers are onsite to support youth in their treatment.  Treatment may include managing medications, teaching distress tolerance and emotional regulation skills, and safety planning.  Family or guardians and other community service providers are involved in care.


The multidisciplinary healthcare team that mental health inpatients may see includes:

  • Child and Youth Workers

  • Nutrition Services

  • Occupational Therapists

  • Pharmacists

  • Psychiatrists

  • Psychologists

  • Registered Nurses (RN)

  • Registered Practical Nurses (RPN)

  • Social Workers


When admitted to our inpatient mental health program, the goal is to restore patients to their optimal level of functioning. To achieve this goal, a number of interventions are explored, including:

  • Starting or adjusting medications

  • Talking to a therapist

  • Planning supports for discharge

Our teams will also work with patients and families to connect them with outpatient and community resources to support a successful transition when leaving the hospital.


Patients in need of care are admitted by their physician or through the Emergency Department at PRHC.


Can I have visitors?
Peterborough Regional Health Centre offers open visiting hours. Each unit may have recommended visiting hours based on the specific needs of their patient population. For more information please speak with a healthcare team member on the patient unit.

Will I see my doctor every day?
You will see your doctor most often daily Monday through Friday. Some doctors are in alternate days.

Do I bring my medications from home?
No. Leave these at home, but it would be helpful if you have a list of current medications and dosages. Vitamins can be brought in but left with the nurse as they need to be ordered by the doctor so that you can continue to take them.

How can I contact my family member or friend?
Contact can be through the patient phone at 705-743-2121 x. 3737. Family can call staff at 705-876-5035.

Are you or someone you know in immediate crisis?