The Peterborough Regional Health Centre (PRHC) Outpatient Rehabilitation teams work to provide assessment, consultation, treatment and education to patients requiring assistance in regaining optimal function following an illness or injury. Services offered include:

The Amputee outpatient rehabilitation program includes learning how to safely move with a prosthesis, education related to care of the prosthesis and care of your body after an amputation.  It is offered four mornings per week, Tuesday through Friday. The focus of the program is not only for new amputees but also for amputees of any level looking to improve their walking, strength, endurance or balance.

The team consists of the following: physiotherapists, nurses, prosthetists and physiatrists. There is consultation with other healthcare professionals as required.

Amputee prosthetic referral form.

The hand therapy program provides rehabilitation for patients with hand and wrist problems following a hand injury, surgery or a procedure that affects hand function. Learn more about the hand therapy program.

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Pulmonary rehabilitation is an interdisciplinary self-management education and exercise rehabilitation program. Patient referrals come primarily from treating respirologists but can also be from a family physician or nurse practitioner.  Patients attend two (2) times per week for 12visits or six(6) weeks.  By the end of the program they have had a series of education sessions taught by an interdisciplinary group focusing on self-management of pulmonary disease and an individualized exercise program focusing on functional strengthening, cardiovascular exercise and breathing exercises.

The team members include a physiotherapist, kinesiologist and a rehab assistant. Other disciplines that support the education component include a registered nurse, a dietitian, a respiratory therapist, and a pharmacist.  The program is also supported by volunteer services.

Click here for exercise videos to help in your pulmonary rehabilitation.

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Learn more about Pulmonary rehabilitation at PRHC. 

The goal of this program is to help transition patients from home and hospital-based care post stroke to participating in community programs. There is a focus on helping patients regain as much function and independence as possible while empowering them to take ownership of their therapy programs. On discharge from the program patients are encouraged to continue their home program and take part in community programs. Patients attend therapy one (1) to two (2) times per week based on client goals and progression.

The team consists of occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech language pathologists and assistants as well as consultations with kinesiologists and physiatrists as required.

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