Genetic counselling and evaluation are available for adults and children who have characteristics of a genetic condition. Family members may also be referred for genetic counselling to help them understand their own risk of developing or passing on the condition.

Common reasons for pediatric and adult genetics include:

  • Having a genetic condition or characteristics of a condition

  • Having developmental delay, poor growth or behaviour differences

  • Having a birth defect or a family member with a birth defect

  • Family history of a genetic condition (e.g. Huntington disease, Cystic Fibrosis etc.)


Couples who are pregnant may be referred for prenatal genetic screening and testing at PRHC’s Genetics Program. During your visit, a genetics counsellor will ask for a detailed history of your own medical history, your family’s history and discuss various prenatal screening tests and ultrasounds which can provide you with information about your baby’s heath.

Common prenatal referrals include:

  • Women who have a positive result on a prenatal screening test

  • Couples with a history of a genetic condition, developmental delay, chromosome problem or birth defects

  • Couples with infertility or a history of multiple miscarriages

  • Women age 35+ who are pregnant or planning a pregnancy

  • Couples who want to learn more about their prenatal screening and testing options


Most cases of cancer are not hereditary, however some families have a genetic predisposition to developing certain types of cancer. A cancer genetics evaluation can help families understand their risk, access genetic testing if indicated and understand the options available for cancer prevention and screening. Families with a strong history of breast, ovarian, uterine, colon or stomach cancer may be referred to the Genetics Program at PRHC.


A physician or nurse practitioner referral to the Genetics Program is required. Please complete this referral form and fax to 705-876-5129.

For referrals of women age 30-69 with a personal or family history of breast cancer. Please complete the OBSP High Risk Screening referral sheet to access genetic counselling.