A registered nurse/lactation consultant at Peterborough Regional Health Centre (PRHC) can provide you with breastfeeding support. They can help mothers and their babies who are having difficulty breastfeeding, or mothers needing reassurance about breastfeeding.

The lactation consultant is specially trained to help women in all kinds of breastfeeding situations, before and after the baby is born. Pregnant women who have flat, inverted, or “dimpled” nipples, or those who have had serious breastfeeding problems in the past can see the lactation consultant in order to prevent future breastfeeding problems. They can also help babies who are having problems associated with breastfeeding, such as slow weight gain, weak or inadequate suck, or genetic or physical problems that can affect breastfeeding.

The lactation consultant can assist mothers who:

  • Have sore breasts or nipples

  • Have low milk production

  • Who have had breast reduction or other breast surgery

  • Who wish to establish a milk supply when adopting a baby

They also provide guidance on learning how to pump, pumping equipment and storing milk. Pump kits and books on breastfeeding are available on loan.


The lactation consultant sees patients by appointment. During a typical appointment, a feeding is assessed, so it is important to see the lactation consultant close to the baby’s feeding time. The Breastfeeding Clinic is located in room W6609 in the Pediatric Outpatient area on Level 6 of PRHC.

To make an appointment, call the Women & Children Inpatient Unit (A6) at 705-876-5059.

To speak with the lactation consultant directly, please call 705-743-2121 x. 2735.