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PRHC's Palliative Care Unit has experience in pain and symptom management and supportive care that is required by our patients and their families. The multidisciplinary team includes representatives from social work, spiritual care and therapies, as well as nurses, physicians and community partners.

Patients from the region are referred by their physician to the Palliative Care Unit most frequently for pain and symptom management. The goal of many of these patients is to go home.

PRHC's Palliative Care program encompasses the Palliative Care Unit, Palliative team outreach and the Cancer Symptom Management Clinics. The Palliative team works in conjunction with community partners.

Palliative Care is located on D2. Services include:

  • Cancer Symptom Management Clinic
  • Palliative education (community partnerships) in the region
  • Regional consultation

Hours of Operation:
24 hours a day, seven days a week

Contact phone number:
(705) 743-2121 ext. 8050