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Nutrition Services

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Nutrition Services

Nutrition Services department is committed to providing nutritional support and food services to patients at the Health Centre as an integral part of the care we provide.

To download the Nutrition Services Patient Information pamphlet, please click here.

Food service during your inpatient stay
Nutrition Services provides balanced meals to our inpatients to meet their medical and food allergy needs.

Our patient menu accommodates a wide variety of diets, to provide adequate therapeutic nutrition. If you are on a special diet, have food allergies or intolerances, inform your nurse as soon as you arrive at the hospital.

Inpatients’ dietary needs can be assessed by a Dietitian throughout the day to determine individual requirements.

An approved substitution will be supplied for inpatients to accommodate intolerances, allergies or patient tastes. Multiple meal substitution options are not available.

Outpatient Visits
Nutrition Services does not provide meal service for outpatients at PRHC.

We understand that familiar foods can give you comfort during your hospital outpatient stay and encourage you to bring juice, ginger ale and/or a snack (i.e. a digestive cookie) with you.

Should you feel you require a snack, the hospital cafeteria provides full food service during regular mealtimes, and vending machines are available after-hours.

If you choose to bring food from home:

  1. Talk with your nurse or dietitian about foods you are allowed to have while in hospital.
  2. Food or drink should be brought in an insulated cooling container. Hospital outpatient units are unable to provide refrigerator space for patients.

PRHC is not responsible for any food containers or for the safe handling of your food.

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Monday to Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Manager, Nutrition Services
Phone: 743-2121 Ext. 4239