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Complex Continuing Care

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Complex Continuing Care

The Complex Continuing Care program meets the highly specialized needs of adults with complex physical and/or cognitive conditions whose needs cannot be met in the community. Patients may be referred to these beds from within the hospital or from the community.

Programming includes:

  • Specialized Complex Care
    Patients with chronic complex medical conditions
  • Slow Stream
    Patients requiring low-tolerance long-duration rehab for varying conditions, not limited to stroke
  • Functional Enhancement
    Patients waiting LTC with focus on stabilization and functional enhancement

CCC provides access to technological dependent medical, nursing care and/or devices including therapeutic modalities like peritoneal dialysis, care of vents, complex wound, ostomy care and tube feeds. Care may include bariatric patients with complex medical needs.

The goal is to meet the client’s physical, emotional and social needs and improve quality of life, with a focus on discharge to the community, with or without supports.

CCC Primary Functions are to:

  • Serve CCC clients with complex health care issues, multiple diagnoses, and ongoing medical needs that require care in a hospital environment with specialized nursing staff
  • Serve Transitional Care clients who require on-going non-acute support until such time they meet admission criteria for other specialized areas such as Rehabilitation or Palliative Care,
  • Provide expert nursing care that is specialized in knowledge, skills, technology based care pertinent to a client with complex care needs
  • Assist clients to reach their optimum level of functioning and, when possible, transition them through the unit into a non-acute residence or their home
  • Be leaders in the utilization of an RN-RPN nursing team whose theoretical & practice foundation is a competency-based program
  • Facilitate an exemplary multidisciplinary team environment where all health care professionals, clients, and family members are incorporated into the process for making decisions about client care, physical & work environment, and unit processes
  • Recognize each client as an individual with unique care needs & preferences and strive to provide individualized client-centred care in an atmosphere that facilitates dignity and comfort.

In addition to nursing staff, the multidisciplinary team in CCC includes:

  • Social Work
  • Registered Dietitian
  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Language Pathology
  • Pharmacy
  • Physician
  • Recreation
  • Spiritual Care
  • Volunteer Support

Manager, CCC 
705-743-2121 ext. 4356