There are five key things to know about Peterborough Regional Health Centre (PRHC) to help you find your way around the building:

  • The hospital is built on the side of a hill. This means the main entrance is located on Level 4, on the west side of the building.

  • The hospital is built with a central corridor, called the “spine.” This hallway runs the length of our inpatient areas.

  • Generally, inpatient and outpatient areas are grouped at PRHC. Inpatient areas are generally located on the east side of the spine. Outpatient and administrative areas, as well as hospital services (e.g. Gift Shop, retail pharmacy, cafeteria) are on the west side of the spine.

  • Public elevators are located at the main entrance and in the spine hallway.

  • Maps to inpatient and outpatient areas of the hospital are available in the Patient & Visitor handbook at the Information Desk on Level 4.

If you need direction to the right area of the hospital once you’ve arrived, look for one of our PRHC Volunteers (who will be wearing a green vest), or for a staff member, who will be wearing a name badge. We’re always happy to help you find your way.