PRHC’s commitment to improving quality and safety starts with our leadership. Leaders and staff work proactively to identify and achieve key objectives for quality and safety, such as reducing hospital-acquired infection rates and reducing unnecessary time spent in the hospital.

Our Board Quality of Care Committee regularly reviews the hospital’s progress on meeting these objectives, discusses how we are performing over time compared against industry standards and other hospitals, and how we might improve.

PRHC’s vision is to embed quality improvement into our culture, with staff and physicians focused on continuous improvement within the context of our overall quality framework: patient flow and access, patient safety and patient satisfaction.

Our legislated Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) is a subset of our broader corporate strategy for quality and fulfills our obligations under the Excellent Care for All Act (ECFAA).

About the ECFAA and the QIP

The ECFAA’s goal is to make healthcare providers and leaders accountable for improving patient care and the patient experience. The ECFAA requires that hospitals:

  • Establish a quality committee of the board

  • Carry out patient and employee satisfaction surveys

  • Have a patient relations process and patient declaration of values

  • Comply with related amendments to the Public Hospitals’ Act, including critical incident reporting to the medical advisory committee

  • Develop and post a board-approved, annual Quality Improvement Plan

The Quality Improvement Plan (QIP):

  • Must be developed by all hospitals in advance of every fiscal year, as mandated by the ECFAA

  • Is part of PRHC’s overall comprehensive quality strategy, and aligns with our commitment to delivering outstanding, culturally sensitive and competent care

Indicators and targets for the QIP effective April 1, 2022 will continue to focus on areas and initiatives in line with the established quality & safety goals of the Health Centre, including: Patient Safety & Engagement, Emergency Department wait times, hospital-acquired infection rates and patient readmission rates.

PRHC’s 2021/22 Quality Improvement Plan was approved by the Board of Directors on February 23, 2022.