Peterborough Regional Health Centre’s (PRHC) aims to provide our patients and visitors with access to close, convenient and safe parking. The hospital has almost 400 parking spaces available for patients and visitors.

Our public parking lots can be accessed via Hospital Drive. A small lot is available for palliative care, mental health and oncology programs, and is accessible from Alexander Court. A small lot is also available for patients and visitors to the Emergency Department.

Visitors take a ticket upon entry to the parking lot, and pay by cash or credit card at one of three pay station locations inside the Main Entrance, South Entrance and Emergency Departments.


Accessible parking spaces are available in the patient and visitor lot closest to the hospital. There are pay-and-display accessible spaces at the Emergency Department, North Entrance and South Entrance.


PRHC offers 13 free drop-off/pick-up spaces in front of the Main Entrance. These spaces have a strict 15-minute time limit.

The first 15 minutes of parking is also free in all of our patient/visitor parking lots.


Revenue from parking goes to support patient care. The provincial government funds 85% of operating expenses to run our hospital and provide patient care. It has an explicit expectation that hospitals raise funds from such things as parking, preferred or private room rates and cafeteria revenue to fund the remaining 15%. PRHC monitors the rates at other non-GTA, similar-sized, community hospitals to ensure that our rates are in line with what other facilities are charging.

Rates are as follows:

  • First half-hour $4; subsequent half-hours $2

  • Maximum of $10 per single visit in a 24-hour period, no in-and-out privileges

  • Daily pass: $12 for 24 hours, with unlimited in-and-out privileges

  • Weekly pass: $36, with unlimited in-and-out privileges for seven (7) days

  • Monthly pass: $80 with unlimited in-and-out privileges for 30 days

  • Cancer Care & Dialysis Pass: $50 per month