Extensive stakeholder and public engagement to begin following submission of Directional Plan to Central East LHIN

With the submission of a joint Directional Plan to the Board of Directors of the Central East Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) on June 27, Ross Memorial Hospital (RMH) and Peterborough Regional Health Centre (PRHC) have declared their mutual intention to propose an integration of the two hospitals into a single hospital network with two sites.

A final decision has not been made, and the proposed integration is subject to ongoing due diligence, stakeholder engagement and approvals by the Boards of both RMH and PRHC; by the Board of Directors of the Central East LHIN; and by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.

The two hospitals have been working together for many years to jointly deliver excellent care for the region’s patients. Partnerships and collaborations between the two organizations already exist in such areas as diagnostic imaging, lab medicine, dialysis services, mental health, obstetrics and pediatrics, ophthalmology and orthopedics.

The Central East LHIN Board of Directors passed a motion on March 28, 2018 directing PRHC and RMH to explore opportunities for integration between the two organizations, including the delivery of clinical and front-line services, back-office functions, leadership and governance. The same motion directed the development of a joint Directional Plan to guide the formal process between the two organizations.

The Directional Plan outlines the necessary conditions and steps that will result in the submission of an Integration Proposal to the Boards of RMH, PRHC and ultimately, the Central East LHIN. It establishes broad business objectives and general direction, and describes the key elements anticipated in implementing the integration planning process, as required by the Central East LHIN Board of Directors.

“An integration of this nature would put us among the top tier of large community hospitals in Ontario, giving us a stronger voice in attracting new programming and resources from the LHIN and the province, as well as increasing our attractiveness to prospective employees,” said Dr. Peter McLaughlin, PRHC President and CEO.

On June 27, 2018 the Central East LHIN Board of Directors received the Directional Plan for information and passed the following motion:

Be it further resolved that the Board of Directors encourages Peterborough Regional Health Centre and Ross Memorial Hospital to move forward with their community engagement and due diligence activities, to encourage and welcome local stakeholders to participate in those activities and to forward to LHIN staff the required voluntary integration documentation by September 28, 2018.

“For the next two months, we’ll continue to move forward with the formal process of thoroughly exploring the benefits and risks of integration,” said Dr. Bert Lauwers, RMH President and CEO. “This process will be done in good faith, with the best interests of our patients in mind, and will include extensive consultations with our internal, community and regional stakeholders.”

A series of public meetings is being scheduled in the geographies served by both hospitals, and an online survey will be launched next month to collect feedback from stakeholders and the public. Those interested are invited to submit their questions and comments by emailing integration@rmh.org or integration@prhc.on.ca.

Following this important period of stakeholder education and feedback over the summer, the hospital leaders intend to submit final materials to support a joint Integration Proposal to the Board of the Central East LHIN in September, detailing their plans to consider moving forward with the integration process.

Under current provincial legislation, both the Central East LHIN and the hospitals within it have a legal duty to identify and explore opportunities for integration of the services they provide for patients. RMH and PRHC have a shared goal of creating an integrated system of healthcare services that is responsive to the needs of the population, provides appropriate access, delivers safe, high-quality care for patients and their families, and uses resources efficiently so that these services are sustainable into the future.

Both organizations are committed to keeping you informed, and we welcome your input and feedback throughout this process.


For media inquiries, contact:

Michelene Ough
Director, Communications
Peterborough Regional Health Centre
705-743-2121 x. 4259

Kim Coulter
Coordinator, Employee & Community Relations
Ross Memorial Hospital