Following direction from the Central East LHIN, hospitals begin formal due diligence process, with our patients’ interests at the forefront of the conversation

On March 28, the Board of Directors of the Central East Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) passed a motion directing Peterborough Regional Health Centre (PRHC) and Ross Memorial Hospital (RMH) to explore integration opportunities, including the delivery of clinical and front-line services, back-office functions, leadership and governance. The same motion also requested that a joint directional plan be developed to guide this formal process between the two organizations.

Under current provincial legislation, both the Central East LHIN and the hospitals within it have a legal duty to identify and explore opportunities for integration of the services we provide for patients.

The joint directional plan will be submitted to the Central East LHIN on or before June 28, 2018 for review by the LHIN Board at its June open Board meeting. The joint directional plan will include a process for extensive consultations with our internal, external and regional stakeholders. Due diligence and stakeholder consultation will be paramount to this process since no decisions related to this integration opportunity have been made at this time.

Delivering the highest standard of health care is a shared goal for PRHC and RMH. This commitment requires ongoing consideration of the changing needs of the region’s population, evolving quality and safety goals, developing and delivering new services, and the sustainability of existing services.

RMH and PRHC have been working together for many years to jointly deliver excellent care for patients in this region. This has included partnerships and collaborations in areas such as diagnostic imaging, dialysis services, laboratory medicine, mental health and addictions services, obstetrics, pediatrics, ophthalmology and orthopedic surgery. Most recently, this evolving partnership resulted in the creation of a shared Vice President/Chief Financial Officer role to provide financial leadership and oversight for both organizations.

Both organizations are committed to keeping you informed, and we welcome your input and feedback throughout this process. Please share your thoughts on this proposed integration via our contact pages.


“The LHIN Board looks forward to receiving the joint Directional Plan at its June meeting. These two organizations have a strong history of collaboration and focusing on the needs of their patients. We would encourage local residents, patients, caregivers, hospital staff and other partners to provide their feedback to the hospitals during this process.” – Louis O’Brien, Chair, Central East LHIN Board of Directors

“Ross Memorial Hospital and Peterborough Regional Health Centre already have in place a number of successful partnerships, integrations and collaborations between our programs and services. I look forward to continuing to work together with the leadership and Board at RMH over the coming weeks and months as we explore opportunities to strengthen our overall position and ensure we can continue to provide and sustain excellent patient care into the future.” – Adair Ireland-Smith, PRHC Board Chair

“As we enter these discussions, we’re doing so with a commitment to maintain and enhance services at each site. It is our responsibility to ensure both hospitals are positioned to continue delivering excellent, sustainable care for the people of our communities and region going forward.” – Val Harris, RMH Board Chair


For media inquiries, contact:

Michelene Ough
Director, Communications
Peterborough Regional Health Centre
705-743-2121 x. 4259

Kim Coulter
Coordinator, Employee & Community Relations
Ross Memorial Hospital