Peterborough Regional Health Centre (PRHC) is committed to supporting the spiritual and emotional needs of our patients and their families during their hospital stay, as well as PRHC staff.

Spiritual Care Providers are regulated health professionals and are part of the healthcare team. They support and serve those of any faith and those of no particular faith and are respectful of different cultural traditions and religious backgrounds. Spiritual Care Providers can help by:

  • Offering spiritual and emotional support during hospitalization

  • Listening to your concerns within the confidential circle of care

  • Praying, meditating or reflecting with you

  • Helping you access spiritual care resources and link with community faith leaders

  • Providing and facilitating specific rituals, including for the end-of-life


The Multifaith and Spiritual Centre on Level 2 of the hospital (Room C2303) is a quiet place to regain focus, open 24 hours a day for everyone and anyone to use.

What is offered:

Due to COVID restrictions centralized services are not being offered in the Multifaith and Spiritual Centre.

  • A weekly ecumenical service is provided on a medical unit during restrictions.

  • Roman Catholic Mass and bedside communion for Roman Catholic patients are on hold. Sacrament of the sick, last rites and emergency baptism are offered.

    The care team will contact Switchboard at 705-743-2121 ext. 0 for a priest 24/7.

  • Indigenous smudging can be conducted in the Multifaith and Spiritual Centre or in patient rooms upon request. The care team will contact Switchboard at 705-743-2121 x. 0 to arrange a time with building services to control smoke alarms.

  • Muslim prayer mats are available for any staff, patients and family members in the Islam cupboard.

Requests for use of the Multifaith and Spiritual Centre may be directed to the Spiritual Care Department at x. 5066.


If you or someone you know is struggling with life changing news, needing to make important treatment decisions, questioning God, needing spiritual or religious support, questioning death or dying, feel free to reach out to Spiritual Care. Spiritual Care also meets with patients and families struggling with despair, fear, grief, loneliness, loss of meaning, purpose or worth and stress related to life circumstances. 

Please reach out for spiritual care support by calling switchboard at extension “0”, Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

If you require a Roman Catholic priest for Sacrament of the Sick or Last Rites or for emergency Baptism, please have the care team contact Switchboard at extension “0” to pass on this request 24/7. During this time of visitor restrictions, the priests are focusing on providing these sacraments.

Eileen Harbottle R.P., M.T.S., Spiritual Care Provider (705) 743-2121 x. 3704

Ron Mahler, M.T.S., Spiritual Care Provider (705) 743-2121 ext.3704


I’m not religious. Can I still see someone from Spiritual Care? Yes, you do not need to be religious to benefit from spiritual care. Spirituality is about finding meaning, value and connection. Whatever your spiritual or religious beliefs may be, Spiritual Care Providers will respect them, not try to change them, in order to support you on your journey.

How do I contact a Spiritual Care Provider? You can ask any member of your care team to connect you with Spiritual Care. You can also call us at 705-743-2121, ext. 3704.

Are worship services or mass offered in the hospital? Centralized services are not being offered at this time, but please contact Spiritual Care to discuss how individual spiritual needs could be met during restrictions.

I’m Roman Catholic, is it possible to receive the Sacrament of the Sick/Anointing while in hospital? Yes, ask your care team to contact Switchboard to request that an on-call priest come in to meet with you. During this time of visitor restrictions, the priests are focusing on providing the Sacrament of the Sick and Last Rites, as well as emergency baptisms.

Am I able to ask for special meals according to my religious beliefs? For dietary needs related to your religious needs, request to speak with a dietician who can be clarify options for vegetarian, vegan, Kosher or Halal meals.

I am Muslim. Is there a designated place in the hospital for me or my family to pray? Yes, you are welcome to pray in the Multifaith and Spiritual Centre open area or in the more private area behind the wall that faces you as you enter the Centre. There is a chair, prayer mat and a sink for your use. The prayer mats are in a cupboard labelled Islam.

I have another faith tradition. Who should I talk to? Ask your team to call spiritual care for more conversation about your spiritual needs.

Am I able to smudge while in hospital? If you have your own medicines and materials, you can speak with your care team and they will contact Switchboard to make arrangements for ventilation accommodations through the Building Services department with some notice. If you would like to smudge and do not have your own materials, please have your care team contact Switchboard at extension”0″ to make arrangements.

If there are any other rituals or ceremonies that you are wondering about, please share this with your care team, so that they can contact the Spiritual Care Department for further discussion. 

Where can I find a Bible? There are Bibles in the Multifaith and Spiritual Centre for your use.

Are there other sacred texts available? We have copies of some sacred texts which you can have. There are some resources for reading on the premises only.