It is important for you to know the reason for all of your medications and to have written information about your prescriptions and when to take your medication. Please bring your current medications in the original, labelled packaging when coming to the hospital for an appointment or to the Emergency Department.

Medications include prescriptions, vitamins, herbal products, creams, inhalers, eye drops, ear drops, most sprays and an over-the-counter medications.

If you are unable to bring your medications with you, please bring a list that includes the medication name, dose and how often you take each medication.


People sometimes think they have to put up with severe pain. This is not the case. We want to work with you to control your pain and prevent it from getting worse. When your pain is controlled , you will heal faster and feel better sooner. Please talk to your healthcare team and we will work with you to put the best plan in place.


Antibiotics can be lifesavers, but taking them too often or when they are not needed can put you at risk for infection by drug-resistant germs. Ask your healthcare provider if the antibiotics you’ve been prescribed put you at increased risk for C. difficile infection.