Hospital’s response team will assist with clinical assessments, personal protective equipment, infection prevention and control, among other supports

As the COVID-19 pandemic has continued to evolve, PRHC’s leaders, healthcare professionals and staff have been hard at work creating additional capacity to care for patients with respiratory illness.

A team at PRHC has now turned its attention to supporting our long-term care and retirement home partners in the
community, providing a range of in-person and virtual supports through a single point of contact at the hospital who will help to coordinate additional resources as they are needed.

After reaching out to these community partners to assess their needs, the hospital has committed to providing the following supports, in addition to addressing other areas of focus as they are identified:

  • On-site COVID-19 clinical assessments and testing for residents with symptoms
  • Education and training on the use and conservation of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Access to other pandemic-specific educational materials
  • Additional supports in the event of an outbreak
  • Regular check-ins

PRHC is proud of its ongoing collaboration with Peterborough County-City Paramedics and Peterborough Public Health to support our community through this pandemic.

“PRHC stands ready and equipped to support our long-term care partners and their residents in whatever capacity they need us,” said Dr. Lynn Mikula, VP, Chief Medical Executive and Chief of Staff. “The Mobile Assessment+ Response Team will be available to share the hospital’s knowledge and resources and to ensure our partners are as prepared as possible to address the needs that come up within their organizations throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.”


For more information:
Michelene Ough
Director, Communications