National recruitment process identifies Dr. McLaughlin as the “clear choice” to lead the Health Centre into the next phase of a successful future

Following extensive stakeholder consultation and a national recruitment process, PRHC’s own Dr. Peter McLaughlin has been selected as the next President & CEO for Peterborough Regional Health Centre.

Dr. McLaughlin brings with him a vast wealth of knowledge, experience and personal and professional investment into both the Health Centre and the Peterborough community he calls home.

“Dr. McLaughlin embodies the qualities identified by our stakeholders as being of vital importance in our successful candidate,” says Mary Ferguson-Paré, Chair of the PRHC Board of Directors. “He is an experienced hospital leader and cardiologist, with an impressive career background in successively senior administrative and medical roles. His leadership style, which is at once thoughtful, steady and compassionate, has earned him a great deal of respect among his colleagues at the hospital, and among our partners in the community and throughout the region.”

He is also a visionary who puts patient care at the forefront of everything he does, says Dr. Ferguson-Paré: “In Dr. McLaughlin’s 18 months as Interim President & CEO, the Board of Directors has seen a great deal of advancement and innovation at PRHC, in virtually every area of the organization. He and his leadership team have overseen a number of major initiatives in an extraordinarily short amount of time, with a focus on patient and family-centred care, our people who work in the Health Centre, our partners in the community and the region, and our profile as a regional health centre.”

Throughout the recruitment process, the Board’s executive search committee received submissions and conducted interviews with a talented pool of candidates from across the country, and while the competition was substantial, Dr. McLaughlin ultimately emerged as the “clear choice” to lead PRHC into the next phase of its future, says Dr. Ferguson-Paré.

“We are so pleased to have identified a candidate who embodies all of the qualities we and our stakeholders have been seeking, and to have found those qualities in an individual who has such a strong, established history with PRHC and Peterborough, as well as a tremendous vision for our future as a regional hospital,” says Dr. Ferguson-Paré.

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to continue working with such a strong leadership team at the hospital, and I would like to thank the Board of Directors for their continued confidence in my leadership,” says Dr. McLaughlin. “It has been very gratifying to lead PRHC on an interim basis over the past 18 months, and to see our organization flourish in that relatively short time, thanks to the talents and skills of our people and the support and collaboration of our community and regional partners. I look forward to sharing more good news with our patients, our staff, our physicians and our community in the coming months and years.”

Over the next several years, Dr. McLaughlin says the community can expect to see the health centre continue to grow and develop in a number of key areas, including the addition of new and expanded patient programs and services and the upcoming construction of a state-of-the-art Learning Centre at the hospital, which will serve as a cornerstone for PRHC.


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