The Geriatric Emergency Department Intervention (GEDI) consultation team is a group of specially-trained healthcare professionals who provide screening, assessment and care planning services for frail, older adults who arrive in the Emergency Department (ED) with a variety of health presentations. Your doctor in the ED works with the GEDI consultation team to determine if you meet the criteria. If so, you will receive an initial assessment by the Geriatric Emergency Management nurse.

Our goal is to ensure that older adult patients who arrive to the ED from home, long-term care or a retirement home receive appropriate, coordinated care in collaboration with our partners in the community. We work to streamline the patient’s overall experience and to have them return home within five (5) days in order to improve their overall health outcomes and quality of life.


Our interprofessional healthcare team includes:

  • Geriatric Emergency Management (GEM) nurse

  • Occupational Therapists

  • Social Workers

  • Registered Practical Nurses (RPN)


We aim to keep older adults as healthy and independent as possible by:

  • Completing assessments and goal-focused care planning when you are a patient in the ED

  • Working with allied health team members to assess safety and risks in the home environment

  • Coordinating with your doctor in the ED to plan your return home, or assisting the hospitalist (your hospital doctor) with admission
    to an inpatient bed if needed

  • Completing referrals for outpatient geriatric consultation and in-home support services

Dr. Symons, founding president of Trent University, shares how the new Geriatric Emergency Department Intervention consultation team at PRHC improved his overall health and quality of life by getting him home sooner.