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Women's Health Care Centre

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Women's Health Care Centre

We provide quality health care services for women in Peterborough, Haliburton, and Northumberland Counties, and City of Kawartha Lakes. The Centre is dedicated to the well-being of all women in the communities we serve.

Our mission is to be a key resource which enables women to enhance their quality of life and to make choices in their health care in a positive and welcoming atmosphere.

Our staff offers information, support, counselling and treatment to help women prevent health problems and understand their choices when problems occur.

We believe that with information and support, women can make safe, informed choices about their health.

Programs & Services

The Women's Health Care Centre offers the following services at the Peterborough Regional Health Centre:

  • Mid-life Program
    The Women's Health Care Centre regularly offers presentations of interest to mid-life women. These sessions provide an opportunity for women to learn more about this important phase of life and share their experiences with other women. Contact us for more information
  • Sexual Abuse Counselling
    Our counselling service can provide confidential help for women who were as sexually abused as children, who feel that their past abuse is affecting them as adults. In counselling, a woman and her social worker work together to help the woman feel better about herself. They look at all parts of her life in a non-judgmental way to explore the effects of the abuse. Contact us for more information.

To find out more, please feel free to contact us at 705-743-4132 or 1-800-419-3111.

Hours & contact information

Women's Health Care Centre (WHCC)
PRHC Level W4

Phone: 705-743-4132
Toll-free: 1-800-419-3111
Hours: 0830-1630

WHCC Colposcopy Clinic
PRHC Level W5

Phone: 705-876-5117
Hours: 0800-1600