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What is the WHCC?

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What is the WHCC?

Who we are
Our purpose at the Women's Health Care Centre is to enable women to increase control over, and improve their health by providing quality health care.

Women from Peterborough, Northumberland and Haliburton Counties and City of Kawartha Lakes are welcome at the Women's Health Care Centre. We work to eliminate barriers to health which are created by discrimination on the basis of income, age, race, religion, national origin, marital status, physical ability or sexual orientation.

We are committed to social justice in the elimination of language, actions, and social structures that express violence.

We believe that with information and support women can make safe, informed choices about any aspect of their health. With information and support we believe that women can avoid certain health problems, and better understand their options when problems do occur. In this way, women can take more responsibility for their health.

The Women's Health Care Centre is holistic in its approach. That is, we believe that a person's health is affected by many factors - physical health, emotional health, and spiritual health, as well as the social and economic conditions of their lives. At the Centre, we encourage women to consider all of these factors when making decisions about their health.

The staff and volunteers at the Centre are committed and knowledgeable women with training and understanding of women’s health issues. We provide information, support, counselling, and treatment. We also refer people to other health professionals and organizations in the community. We work closely with other health workers, community groups, and others concerned with women’s health care. We make every effort to provide confidential services to everyone coming to the Centre.

We do not duplicate the services of doctors or organizations already working in the community. Instead, we look for gaps in the available services for women. We then either encourage others to fill these gaps, or we attempt to fill them ourselves. In this way we hope to expand the range of quality health services for women in our community.

The Women's Health Care Centre is a key resource which enables women to enhance their quality of life and to make choices in their health care in a positive and welcoming atmosphere. The Centre is dedicated to the well-being of ALL women in the communities we serve.

Guiding Principles
We believe in the following principles:

  • Quality health care is a right.
  • Education and empowerment are essential for women to achieve their full health potential.
  • Women should have the opportunity to share experiences and to give and receive support.
  • Health service providers should be skilled, attentive, sensitive and adaptive to the changing health needs of women.
  • Discrimination on the basis of race, gender, class, ethnicity, financial ability, sexual orientation, religion, ability or age impede women's achievement of optimal health.
  • Health care should include alternatives to traditional medical options.
  • Women have the right to make choices related to their social, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. This includes the right to make informed choices in all aspects of sexual and reproductive health.
  • Health care should be accessible and available to all women.
  • Women have the right to seek and maintain wellness as defined by them.