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PRHC Leaders

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PRHC Leaders

PRHC'S Leadership Team

Colleen Armstrong
Director, Emergency and Medicine

Noel Bennett
Director, Environmental, Nutrition Services & Facilities

Tabitha Carroll
Director, Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Women's & Children's Program

Cheryl Coombes
Director, Surgical Services, Medical Outpatients (MOP) & Supply Chain

Dr. Jordan Crane
Chief, Family Medicine

Dr. Kayhan Ghatavi
Chief & Medical Director, Mental Health

Dr. Brian Harrington
Chief, Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Dr. Mike Hartleib
Chief & Medical Director, Medicine

Lauren Hendry
Director, Cardiac Care & Medicine
Interim Director, Regional Renal, Metabolic & Oncology

Dr. Derek Krete
Medical Director, Sub-Acute Care & Seniors’ Health

Sean Martin
Director, Collaborative Practice, Quality & Ethics

Dr. Karen Melville
Chief & Medical Director, Laboratory

Dr. Lynn Mikula
Interim Medical Director, Surgical Services

Lorel Morrison
Director, Laboratory, Diagnostic Imaging & Pharmacy

Michelene Ough
Director, Communications

Scott Pepin
Director, Mental Health & Addictions

Dr. Jasim Radhi
Medical Director, Laboratory

Lisa Ruston
Director, Risk, Patient Relations & Medical Affairs

Dr. Rola Shaheen
Chief & Medical Director, Diagnostic Imaging

Loree Stephens
Director, Capital Planning and Development

Dr. Alan Thompson
Medical Director, Surgical Services

Dr. Mark Troughton
Chief & Medical Director, Emergency Department

Meghan Valentine
Director, Internal Audit

Dr. Alan White
Chief & Medical Director, Women and Children

Lindsay Wyers
Director, Decision Support & Health Information
Interim Director, Information Technology