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Neonatal Follow up Clinic

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Neonatal Follow up Clinic

What is the regional neonatal follow-up clinic?
The program is a specialized clinic for children who had medical complications related to, or immediately after, their birth. Infants may be referred through their stay at the NICU or your family doctor or pediatrician. The goal at PRHC’s Regional Neonatal Follow-up Clinic is to maximize the early potential for babies with a variety of risk factors.

What to expect at the clinic
Your baby’s progress will be monitored over five visits - starting at 4, 8, 12, 18 and 24 months corrected age. Your visit is a multidisciplinary, play-based assessment.

  • We will monitor your baby’s physical, motor and cognitive development.
  • Regional Neonatal Follow-Up Clinic appointments are over and beyond your regular doctor’s visits.
  • We offer referral to community services and professional consultation, as needed.
  • A written summary of visit is provided to you, your pediatrician and/or family doctor after each visit.