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Medical Staff and Specialists

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Medical Staff & Specialists

The Medicine Program/Department of Medicine is responsible for providing inpatient and outpatient care and services for more than 60% of the hospital’s patient volume.

This care is provided by more than 350 professional staff and approximately 35 physicians who provide Most Responsible Physician (MRP) care.

All specialist members and many hospitalists in the medicine program have busy outpatient practices in addition to their inpatient responsibilities. The program is complemented by support services and staff throughout the hospital.

Hospitalists now provide Most Responsible Physician (MRP) care for 180-220 patients in acute and sub-acute medical beds in the hospital. This includes three acute care medicine wards, two or three off-service acute care wards, post-acute rehab, ALC, CCC, and transitional care.

The cardiology group provides a consistent, dedicated and integrated approach to regional patient care, both in and out of hospital. Each cardiologist supervises the ward service for a week at a time, providing both MRP and consultative services.

The cardiologist is responsible for providing care for critically ill cardiac patients in the ICU, providing consultative care to the emergency department and throughout the hospital, participating in CritiCall for cardiac patients throughout the region, and providing phone consultation throughout the region to hospitals, including NHH, CMH, Bancroft, Minden and Haliburton, as well as to family physicians in these regions. An associate physician works with a cardiologist as a team to provide continuous care for patients at PRHC.

In this manner, care between the hospital and community is tightly integrated, often allowing for safe and early patient discharge, as well as avoidance of hospital admission. Cardiologists also provide satellite cardiology clinics serving patients in Cobourg, Bancroft, Haliburton and Campbellford.

Geriatric services are primarily community-based at the present time, with physicians involved in doing capacity assessments related to financial ability and capacity to make decisions related to health care and living accommodation.

Geriatricians provide counseling related to diagnosis and assessment of dementia, as well as managing issues and providing family counseling for conditions related to aging, including osteoporosis, falls, irritability, depression, and psychosis, usually related to dementia. They also link patients with support services in the community, such as the Community Care Access Centre, and provide support for Family Health Teams and leadership as NCA Assessors.

Most recently, Geriatricians have become involved with the implementation of two new clinics at the hospital: osteoporosis and the GAIN (Geriatric Assessment and Intervention Network), providing care, assessments and diverting admissions from the Emergency department.

There are two respirologists currently in Peterborough, who provide care to a large number of patients in the community with respiratory disease. These specialists provide consultative services to inpatients upon request, and post-discharge follow-up (short- and long-term, as need dictates) in their offices as required. Plans are in progress to develop a regional respiratory wellness program and recruit more respirologists.

There are four gastroenterologists providing care for patients at PRHC, which includes MRP care for a select group of patients. These specialists provide 24/7 on-call service for critical GI emergencies, and timely inpatient consultations. Endoscopic diagnostic and treatment procedures are completed in-hospital by all gastroenterologists.

These gastroenterologists have access to regularly scheduled time in the endoscopy unit, as well as the operating room for after-hours emergency cases. Urgent outpatient consultations are accommodated at their offices in the community.

Nurse Practitioners
The Medicine Program includes Nurse Practitioners (RN EC) who work in collaboration with physicians and other health care professionals to provide care for our clients. These individuals use advanced clinical skills to provide assessment, diagnosis and treatment to patients admitted to the Medicine Program. Nurse Practitioners are regulated by the College of Nurses of Ontario.

For more information about Nurse Practitioners, go to the Health Force Ontario web site.

Clinical Nurse Educators support the transition of students to new graduate employees, and promote an innovative learning environment for existing nursing staff. This is achieved through the online learning environment, classroom-based instruction and hands-on guidance at the patient bedside.

Other in-hospital consultative services: