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Diabetes Education Centre

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Diabetes Education Centre

Patients referred to Peterborough Regional Health Centre's (PRHC) Diabetes Centre receive self-management education either individually or in a group setting.

Our healthcare team provides individual assessment, nutrition counselling, insulin and glucometer instruction, pump therapy and other information to help you self-manage your diabetes.

At PRHC, we offer diabetes care for:
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Peadiatric Diabetes Adult Diabetes Centre for Complex Diabetes Care
Tel: 705-743-2121 ext.2235

Tel: 705-740-8324
Fax: 705-740-8032
Email: dcstaff@prhc.on.ca

Hours: Monday to Friday
8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Tel: 1-888-997-9996, you'll be referred to a Central East CCAC Care Coordinator

Fax: 905-444-2544



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