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Community Members at Large

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Community Members at Large

CMALs are appointed to Board committees to:

  1. Augment the number of people available to support committee work

  2. Augment the skill sets available to support committee work

  3. Reflect the diversity and characteristics of the region being served by PRHC


1.   Each CMAL shall attend, participate in, contribute to and be a voting member on the Board Committee to which the CMAL is appointed.  CMALs are encouraged to attend and observe public sessions of Board meetings and Board Committee meetings as per Board Policy I.9 (Attendance Policy).

2.   Each CMAL shall exercise the same duties and responsibilities as the directors of PRHC as set out in By-law Article 6 and Board Policy IV.15 (Conflict of Interest), By-law Article 12 and Board Policy IV.14 (Confidentiality & Code of Conduct).

3.   CMALs are not eligible to serve as the Chair of any committee to which they are appointed. 

4.   CMALs shall complete education and orientation sessions as appropriate to the position.

5.   CMALs are expected to attend at least 70% (between Annual Meetings) of all regularly scheduled meetings of the committee to which they are appointed, unless otherwise approved by the Board of Directors.


  • Recommendations for appointment as CMALs shall be made to the Board of Directors by the Governance Committee according to the Terms of Reference for the Governance Committee and the Nominating Sub-Committee.

  • The Governance Committee shall ensure that candidates being considered for recommendation as CMALs have the qualifications, abilities and skills to advance the interests of PRHC and reflect the diversity and characteristics of the region being served by PRHC.

  • CMALs shall be subject to the same qualifications as elected directors as set out in By-law Article 4.

  • The Governance Committee shall recommend to the Board the assignment of each CMAL to a Board committee.


A CMAL shall be appointed to serve for a one or two year term subject to removal by the Board.  A CMAL may be re-appointed for one or two years.  A CMAL may serve for a maximum of four consecutive years in total.   If a CMAL becomes a Board Member, his or her years as a CMAL shall not be included in calculating a Director's term limit under By-law Article 4.


Service as a CMAL shall not preclude or ensure his or her candidacy for nomination to the Board.


Appointment of a CMAL is conditional on him or her:

  1. Signing the Declaration on Board Conflict of Interest;

  2. Signing the Declaration on Board Code of Conduct;  

  3. Participating in the Board Orientation Program; and

  4. Delivering to PRHC a clean Police Record Check.

Current Community Members at Large