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Colposcopy Clinic

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Colposcopy Clinic

Colposcopy Clinic services can help women if their Pap Test results are abnormal. An 'abnormal' result means there are cells on some part of the vagina or cervix that are not normal.

The doctor in the clinic uses a piece of equipment called a colposcope to look at the vagina and cervix to find out where the abnormal cells are. After these cells are tested, the woman and doctor discuss the treatment that is needed.

Treatment is done by freezing the abnormal cells or by removing them with electrosurgery.

The Colposcopy Clinic provides testing, treatment and follow-up, as well as information and support.

You must be referred to the clinic by your doctor.

WHCC Colposcopy Clinic
PRHC Level W5

Phone: (705) 876-5117
Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.