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A Deeper Look Below the Surface...Sharing Specialists

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A Deeper Look Below the Surface...Sharing Specialists

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Published: 1/20/2014 4:05 PM by  PRHC

January 20, 2014

A Deeper Look Below the Surface …Sharing Specialists

Dr. Thomas Enright joins PRHC radiology team and takes on regional role

(Peterborough ON) PRHC is proud to highlight the regional radiology team which support care with partners Ross Memorial Hospital (RMH), Campbellford Memorial Hospital (CMH) and both locations of Haliburton Highlands Health Services (HHHS).

This team of 15 radiologists provides care and specialist consultation at PRHC, RMH, CMH and HHHS. In addition to their responsibilities at PRHC, radiologists travel to local hospitals to improve access to diagnostic imaging in each community. This is a long-standing tradition that continues today - allowing patients to remain in the care of their local hospital & physician, and receive specialized support.

“We are very pleased to welcome Thomas to the team,” said Paul Wilson, Chief of Diagnostic Imaging. “He is a great addition to the regional program. Thomas will spend his time between PRHC, RMH, Campbellford Memorial Hospital and both locations of Haliburton Highlands Health Services allowing patients to receive this vital service closer to home. ”

“PRHC is very proud of our regional specialized role and the strong partnerships we’ve been able to grow and build,” said Dr. Peter Mclaughlin, Vice President & Chief Medical Officer. “Partnerships like this one are key to providing exceptional service to patients in their home communities.  This simply would not have been possible without the outstanding support from our colleagues at Ross, Campbellford and Haliburton.”

Dr. Thomas Enright, radiologist arrived at PRHC in July from Queen’s University where he received his medical education and specialization.

“I am very honoured to have joined PRHC, and excited to be a part of such an important regional team,” says Dr. Enright. “I have been overwhelmed with the welcome I’ve received from the team and my new colleagues and patients at our partner hospitals. This partnership was one of the big selling points to attract me to Peterborough.”

 A radiologist reads and interprets images from diagnostic procedures such as CTs (computerized tomography), MRIs (Magnetic Resource Imaging), ultrasounds, X-rays, breast imaging and nuclear medicine. Radiology is growing even more important in our modern healthcare system to a point where in many cases treatment cannot begin until these specialists pinpoint the problem.  The field is also rapidly expanding to interventional (treatment) – which can be less invasive than traditional treatments.


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