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National Patient Satisfaction Research Firm Visits PRHC

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National Patient Satisfaction Research Firm Visits PRHC

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Published: 11/25/2014 3:22 PM by  PRHC

 National Patient Satisfaction Research Firm Visits PRHC

Picker Institute to study best practices of 99th percentile performers 

(Peterborough, ON) Alan Wotherspoon, Chair of the Board of Directors and Peter McLaughlin, Interim President & CEO, were pleased to welcome a team from the Picker Institute to “map patient centered care best practices, processes and cultural attributes of the 99th percentile performers (Canada and US)”. Peterborough Regional Health Centre has achieved top performance in a number of dimensions in comparison to other hospitals reporting in the province (see table below).  





Coordination   of Care




Overall   Rating Score




Physical   Comfort




Respect   for Patient Preferences





“Our goal is to conduct interviews to understand the best practices top performing facilities have implemented to deliver patient centered care. We will then report these findings back to the facilities and share the best practices we have documented from other top performers across both countries,” said Gregg Loughman, Vice President, Health System Strategy & Governance of the Picker Institute.  The interviews took place with key leaders at PRHC on November 25, 2014.

The Picker Institute has begun documenting best practices across hospitals and medical practices in the US and is now investigating best practices among Ontario hospitals that have participated in the OHA Inpatient and Emergency Department assessments.

“Patient Experience is a fundamental part of our strategic Plan.  We are so pleased that we have been able to sustain these very positives results,” said Mr. Wotherspoon. 

“For nearly 2 years (since Feb ’13), we’ve been making discharge phone calls to as many patients as we can contact to learn how we did and identify areas where we can improve,” added Dr. McLaughlin.  “In our journey we learned a great deal from other best practice leaders - everyone here has worked hard to earn the privilege to care for our patients. It’s very encouraging that our patients feel that we are making solid advances and this visit is our way of “paying forward” the wisdom we’ve gained from others.”

“These results reflect what our callers have been hearing first hand on our post-discharge calls,” said Dr. Nancy Martin-Ronson, Vice-President, Chief Nursing Executive & Chief Information Officer.  “Every one of these nearly 7,000 phone calls is an opportunity to listen to our patients, engage them, and find out what went well and how we can improve.” 


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