[Updated Tuesday, July 7 – this information is subject to change; please check back frequently for updates]


If you suspect you might have COVID-19:

  • Contact PRHC’s COVID-19 Assessment Centre directly by phone at 705-876-5086 to determine whether an appointment is required. This phone line is staffed from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. seven days a week.

  • If your symptoms are severe, call 911 or come to the Emergency Department. Alert the 911 dispatcher/entrance screener to your travel history and symptoms.

  • If you do not have symptoms and you would like to be tested, please visit the drive-through testing site at Kinsmen Civic Centre. This service is provided through a partnership between Peterborough County-City Paramedics, Peterborough Public Health and Peterborough Regional Health Centre, and is available on a drop-in basis, Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The drive-through testing site will be closed Wednesday, July 1 for Canada Day. Learn more.


To protect our patients, families, healthcare professionals, staff and volunteers, we are actively screening everyone entering the hospital. Anyone whose travel history and/or symptoms indicate they may be at risk of having COVID-19 will be directed away from the hospital and/or advised to contact the PRHC COVID-19 Assessment Centre at 705-876-5086.

PRHC is now actively screening all patients and visitors at two public entrances:

  • Main entrance: 24 hours/day

  • Emergency Department (ED) entrance: 24 hours/day (for emergency care and Labour & Delivery patients only)

All other public entrances will be closed until further notice.


Effective Friday, April 10, all patients coming to the hospital for care are required to wear a mask for the duration of their time at the hospital. Thanks to the generosity of our community through PRHC’s 1000 Mask Challenge, handmade masks are being provided to every patient and visitor. Handmade masks are made to be washed and re-worn. To preserve our supply of handmade masks, people who are returning to the hospital on a regular basis are asked to bring a clean mask with them.

Patients who arrive at PRHC wearing gloves will be asked to remove their gloves and clean their hands when they enter the building.

Only patients who require emergency or Labour & Delivery care should use the Emergency Department entrance. Patients who come to the hospital for all other types of care should enter through the Main Entrance and leave additional time to pass through the screening station. Screeners will provide additional direction.

Beginning Friday, April 10, PRHC will only be accepting patient care packages with essential items in them. Care packages can be dropped off with screeners at the hospital’s main entrance and will be delivered to patients. Please see below for a list of essential items currently being accepted.

  • Personal aids– e.g. walkers, canes, glasses, hearing aids, dentures, prosthetics. Items must arrive to the hospital wiped/cleaned.

  • Communication aids– e.g. phone, charger, iPad or tablet, e-reader. Items must arrive wiped/cleaned.

  • Toiletries and grooming items– e.g. toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, deodorant, feminine hygiene products, razor, brush. Items must be NEW.

  • Clothing– Items must be laundered and only provided to patients when absolutely necessary (e.g. to facilitate discharge).

  • Food– Only culturally-required food that (1) is not provided by Nutrition Services or (2) is required for patients on a case-by-case basis. To be accepted, all food must:

    • Be packaged in a sealable, wipeable container
    • Not require refrigeration or heating

You can also send a patient best wishes on our website here: https://www.prhc.on.ca/best-wishes

Please email Patient Relations at patientr@prhc.on.ca with any questions.

A number of mental health and addictions services are available at PRHC and in the community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more about service changes here.


All PRHC visitors and patients coming to the hospital for care are required to wear a mask for the duration of their time at the hospital. All visitors are expected to wear their mask in the patient room. Visitors and patients who arrive at PRHC wearing gloves will be asked to remove their gloves and clean their hands when they enter the building.

PRHC continues to assess and make changes to our family presence policy as required. Effective Tuesday, July 7, family presence will be limited to one (1) family member or caregiver for specific patient groups only as specified below.

  • Emergency Department patients – one (1) family member/caregiver at the discretion of the care team

  • Labour & Delivery patients

  • End-of-life patients – two (2) family members/caregivers at the discretion of the care team

  • Surgical patients requiring anesthesia (for pick-up and drop-off only)

  • Critical Care patients (at the discretion of the care team)

  • Outpatient dialysis or oncology patients requiring medical assistance.

  • Alternate Level of Care (ALC)/long-term patients with behavioural/cognitive/neurological impairment. Visits will be booked at the discretion of the care team and will be limited to once weekly.


  • One (1) visitor per patient at the discretion of the care team, including end-of-life patients

  • Visitors must NOT be household or close contacts or caregivers of the patient who is suspect/positive COVID-19

  • All visitors who have met the above criteria will be screened for the safety of patients and staff

  • All visitors will be required to wear a mask for the duration of their visit and in the patient room. Visitors can choose to wear their own mask or a reusable community-donated mask.

All other visitor presence is suspended at this time while we work to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Visitors to PRHC must enter through the Main Entrance unless they are accompanying a patient to the Emergency Department. Visiting hours will continue to be 24 hours a day, with screening around the clock.

Any visitor whose travel history and/or symptoms indicate they may be at risk of having COVID-19 will be directed away from the hospital and/or advised to contact the COVID-19 Assessment Centre or Peterborough Public Health for further direction. This process helps to keep everyone safe within the hospital.

Following temporary changes to PRHC’s family presence/visitor policy at the Health Centre, PRHC has launched a virtual visiting program to support inpatients at the hospital and their loved ones.

The virtual visiting program offers patients without their own personal devices, the opportunity to video chat with family, friends and loved ones by using PRHC devices. Virtual visits are not intended for clinical use.

  • Appointments can be booked by patients or their families

    • Patients – are asked to identify with their primary nurse or unit clerk that they would like to book a virtual visit
    • Families – call the virtual visiting hotline at: 705-876-5815 or email virtualvisits@prhc.on.ca
  • Bookings will be made for 30 minute to one-hour time slots

Before you book – preparing for your virtual visit:
PRHC will be using three standard virtual platforms – FaceTime, Google Hangouts and Google Duo. Help us, help you by downloading and testing these apps before calling to book your virtual visit. If you’re using Google Hangouts or Google Duo, it will be necessary to download Hangouts or Duo from Google Play and create a gmail account. How to documents for each platform can be found below:

Have questions?  Read our FAQ document to learn more about the Virtual Visiting Program.

The Recreational Therapy team and Spiritual Care team at PRHC are supporting the Virtual Visiting program. Family and friends are invited to indicate when booking an appointment whether they would like a spiritual care provider in attendance.

Ramping up non-urgent care
Effective June 1, Peterborough Regional Health Centre (PRHC), together with our regional partners Campbellford Memorial Hospital (CMH), Haliburton Highlands Health Services (HHHS), Northumberland Hills Hospital (NHH) and Ross Memorial Hospital (RMH), received formal approval from Ontario Health (OH) to move forward with a plan to begin resuming non-urgent surgeries, procedures and tests.

Non-urgent care at each hospital will be resumed in a gradual, phased manner. It will be necessary to prioritize the most urgent patients, and at times, we may need to scale back on non-urgent care volumes again as COVID-19 activity in the region fluctuates.

Learn more about surgeries, procedures and tests during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


To ensure community efforts are focused where they are most needed at this critical time, PRHC is asking our community to follow the guidelines below when considering how they can contribute: 

PRHC has partnered with the City of Peterborough to accept donations of the following much-needed personal protective equipment (PPE) items and supplies:

    • Protective gloves (nitrile only)
    • Protective gowns (AAMI, L2 rating or greater)
    • Face shields
    • N-95 masks
    • Ear loop masks (ASTMF2100-11, L2 rating or greater) with and without face shield
    • Respirator masks – full and half P100 (small, medium and large sizes)
    • Filters – Particulate P100 Bayonet 3M7093
    • Hand sanitizer (79% ethanol or 60%-70% isopropyl alcohol

Organizations and individuals who have any of the above supplies on-hand – both opened or unopened – and wish to donate them should visit the PPE Drive webpage or email peterboroughppedrive@gmail.comYou can learn more about the PPE Drive here.  Medical agencies and other essential services around the city in need of PPE are invited to email peterboroughppedrive@gmail.com directly to coordinate a drop-off.

At this time, due to the nature of COVID-19, the hospital is unable to accept donations of food/drink for hospital staff (until further notice).

PRHC has received an incredible amount of community support for our 1000 Mask Challenge since it launched in April, and we continue to accept donations of handmade masks for use by PRHC patients and visitors. Learn more here.

Anyone who wants to contribute to the hospital’s efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic is encouraged to make a donation to the PRHC Foundation in support of critical investments in lifesaving equipment and technology, and supports for patients and frontline healthcare workers. Donors can also send a special thank you message to PRHC’s doctors, nurses and staff. Visit www.prhcfoundation.ca or call 705-876-5000.


The seating area in the PRHC cafeteria is now open for essential healthcare workers only

The cafeteria is offering pre-packaged/take-out options only. Tim Hortons remains open.Thank you for your help in keeping our people and community healthy and safe.

On Monday, March 16, out of an abundance of caution, PRHC Volunteers were removed from areas of service throughout the Health Centre. On June 29, some of our volunteers have returned to the Health Centre to support wayfinding. Volunteer Services is currently recruiting new volunteers for fall 2020.

The hospital’s vendors have been assigned a separate, designated entrance where they will be screened for travel outside of Canada in the past 14 days and/or symptoms of respiratory illness.

The Health Records office is temporarily closed to the public. To request record copies, please download, print and complete this formRequests can be emailed to roi@prhc.on.ca or faxed to 705-876-5146.

Individuals who wish to pay their PRHC bills are asked to avoid coming to the hospital to do so during the COVID-19 pandemic. Bills may be paid by phone or online as follows. There is no additional fee to pay your bill online during the COVID-19 pandemic.


What can I do to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19 and other illnesses?
Hand cleaning continues to be the single most important thing we can all do to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19. Clean your hands frequently and thoroughly with soap and water or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

You should wash your hands:

  • When entering or leaving the hospital and clinical areas
  • Before eating or drinking
  • After using the washroom
  • If your hands become visibly dirty

To minimize the risk of spreading illness to others, you should cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze, then throw the tissue in the garbage and clean your hands. If you do not have a tissue handy, cough or sneeze into your sleeve or arm. Stay home when you are sick. Avoid visiting those who may be more vulnerable to infections, including those in hospital as well as retirement and long-term-care homes, until you are feeling better.

Social distancing is also strongly recommended to avoid spreading COVID-19. This means avoiding crowds and gatherings and keeping a distance of two metres between yourself and others when in public areas.

What should I do if I think I have symptoms of COVID-19?
If you suspect you might have COVID-19, contact PRHC’s COVID-19 Assessment Centre directly by phone at 705-876-5086 to determine whether an appointment is required.

If your symptoms are severe, come to the Emergency Department or call 911 and alert the screener/dispatcher to your travel history and symptoms.


Peterborough Public Health: 705-743-1000 x. 401
If your inquiry is not urgent, email covid19@peterboroughpublichealth.ca

If you need immediate medical attention, call 911 and provide your travel history and symptoms.

Telehealth Ontario: 1-866-797-0000 (staffed 24/7)


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