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  • Local COVID-19 Risk Index. This index shows the risk level of COVID-19 transmission in the Peterborough Public Health Region.


Get vaccinated!

Wash your hands with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer

Practice physical distancing – stay two (2) meters away from anyone who is not in your household

Wear a face covering when you cannot physical distance – learn how to properly wear, fit, remove and clean your face mask

If you suspect you might have COVID-19, contact PRHC’s COVID-19 Assessment Centre directly by phone at 705-876-5086 to determine whether an appointment is required.

If your symptoms are severe, come to the Emergency Department or call 911 and alert the screener/dispatcher to your travel history and symptoms.

Regardless of vaccination status, the following individuals are at risk of serious illness or hospitalization due to COVID-19:

  • People who are undergoing treatment for medical conditions such as cancer
  • People who are taking medication for diabetes
  • People who are taking medications for a chronic illness that lowers their immunity (such as medications following organ or stem cell transplant, arthritis, kidney failure, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, or lupus)
  • People with untreated or advanced HIV
  • People who are obese
  • Women who are unvaccinated and pregnant
  • Other risk factors include age (over 50), Indigenous, intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, sickle cell disease

If you are unsure, speak to your healthcare provider or call the COVID-19 Assessment Centre at 705-876-5086.

It isn’t always easy to determine whether your symptoms of COVID-19 are mild, moderate or severe. Here are a few general guidelines to help you decide whether you should seek medical care:

Mild Symptoms: These symptoms are similar to what you might experience with a cold or flu. For example: congestion, fever, dry cough, headache, muscle pain. If you have mild symptoms of COVID-19, you are advised to stay home and self-isolate per current public health guidelines.

Moderate Symptoms: If you are experiencing moderate symptoms of COVID-19, you may need medical assessment or treatment. Moderate symptoms could include a more troublesome cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing. If you are experiencing moderate symptoms, please contact your family practitioner or call the COVID-19 Assessment Centre at 705-876-5086 and be clear about the symptoms you are experiencing. Please note that having a medical assessment does not mean you will be tested for COVID-19.

Severe Symptoms: If you are experiencing severe, potentially life-threatening symptoms, such as extreme shortness of breath, chest pain, new confusion, inability to wake up or stay awake, please call 911 or go to the nearest Emergency Department.

Flow chart with COVID-19 symptoms and testing suggestions


Provincial COVID-19 Isolation and Testing Guidance: 1-888-777-0730

Health Connect Ontario, a new tool that allows Ontarians to call or chat online with a registered nurse and find the healthcare services and information they need all in one, easy-to-use website.


April 21, 2022: PRHC sees record-high number of inpatients with COVID-19 

March 28, 2022: COVID-19 prevention and treatment support available for immunocompromised residents. 

December 22, 2021: PRHC moves to more restrictive phase of temporary visiting policy

December 21, 2021: COVID-19 testing pop-up clinic

August 17, 2021: COVID-19 testing services to consolidate at PRHC’s COVID-19 Assessment Centre

July 27, 2021: PRHC COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic adjusts operations as vaccination rates increase across Canada

June 16, 2021: PRHC moves to less restrictive phase of temporary visiting policy

April 10, 2021: Peterborough Regional Health Centre (PRHC) to ramp down non-urgent care in response to provincial critical care surge

February 23, 2021: Peterborough Regional Health Centre (PRHC) receives first shipment of 5,850 doses of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine

February 3, 2021: A message of support and thanks from PRHC’s Board of Directors

January 26, 2021: Peterborough Regional Health Centre moves to more restrictive visiting policy

January 25, 2021: Peterborough Region Receives its First Supply of Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine

January 6, 2021: PRHC statement regarding patient transfers from other areas across the province

November 13, 2020: COVID-19 Assessment Centre at Peterborough Regional Health Centre expanding to increase capacity, support Emergency Department volumes

October 22, 2020: Peterborough’s Eastgate Memorial Park COVID-19 testing site relocating to Northcrest Arena on Monday, October 26

October 8, 2020: Online appointment booking now available for Eastgate Memorial Park COVID-19 testing site

September 17, 2020: Peterborough’s drive-through COVID-19 testing site relocating to Eastgate Memorial Park on Monday, September 21

September 10, 2020: Peterborough’s drive-through COVID-19 testing centre first in Ontario to use handheld devices for lab automation

July 20, 2020: Peterborough Regional Health Centre (PRHC) eases temporary family presence/visiting restrictions during COVID-19 pandemic

June 19, 2020: Healthcare providers in Peterborough urge patients to wear non-medical masks for in-person medical appointments

May 29, 2020: Five regional hospital partners approved to begin ramping up non-urgent care

April 24, 2020: PRHC continues to stand ready as COVID-19 pandemic evolves across Ontario

April 22, 2020: Outbreak of COVID-19 on PRHC inpatient unit declared over

April 21, 2020: PRHC providing support for community partners through COVID-19 Mobile Assessment+ Response Team

April 16, 2020: COVID-19 Assessment Centre at Peterborough Regional Health Centre ramps up testing

April 15, 2020: City of Peterborough & PRHC partner to ensure all essential services have access to necessary PPE

April 4, 2020: PRHC calls on community for support with 1000 Mask Challenge

April 1, 2020: Peterborough Regional Health Centre prepares for COVID-19 pandemic

March 31, 2020: COVID-19 Assessment Centre at Peterborough Regional Health Centre (PRHC) now available by calling directly

March 25, 2020: Peterborough Regional Health Centre and PRHC Foundation grateful for community support during COVID-19 pandemic

March 23, 2020: Main entrance at PRHC now reopened with touch-free sliding doors

March 19, 2020: Temporary changes to family presence/visitor policy at PRHC

March 17, 2020: COVID-19 Assessment Centre open at Peterborough Regional Health Centre 

March 16, 2020: New screening and access measures take effect at PRHC today

March 15, 2020: First case of COVID-19 reported by Peterborough Public Health

March 13, 2020: Health partners in Haliburton, Kawartha Lakes, Northumberland and Peterborough collaborating to protect patients, visitors, healthcare professionals, staff and volunteers

March 11, 2020: COVID-29 Update: Help us protect you

January 28, 2020: Coronavirus and You: How to stay safe and remain calm