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Strategic Plan 2014-2017

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Strategic Plan 2014-2017

As a health centre, we are operating in an environment with more focus than ever on the needs and experiences of patients, as well as on improving our quality, accountability and technology capabilities. These circumstances are driving every health partner to provide the very best care possible for the communities we serve. This requires change. But changes is not enough - vision and direction are crucial.

In early 2013, we embarked upon a journey to refresh our Strategic Plan for the 2014-2017 period. Throughout this process, we have engaged with our patients, partners and internal teams in an effort to understand who we are today, where we want to be in 2017, and to identify a route forward to get there.

We have made tough decisions and have set a course for the future which will allow us to meet our vision, of Exceeding Your Expectations, Every Day. We are committed to being a trusted and reliable regional health centre, building healthier communities with our patients and partners.

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PRHC's 2014-2017 Strategic Plan document

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