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What is expected of me as a volunteer?

  • A commitment of at least 3 hours per week for a minimum 6 month period
  • Enthusiasm, interest and respect
  • Reliability and accountability
  • A signed confidentiality form
  • Cooperation
  • Ability to follow direction and to work without constant supervision

What can I expect from my time with PRHC?

  • Meaningful volunteer experience
  • Orientation to Health Centre and Volunteer position
  • Training and supervision
  • Open and honest communication
  • Appreciation and recognition

What is the minimum commitment I have to make to the program?
For the adult and student programs we require a minimum commitment of one 3-hour shift a week for at least a 6-month period. For the university student program we require a minimum commitment of one 3-hour shift a week from the beginning of May through to the end of August.

I need to complete 40 hours of volunteer work in order to graduate. Can I do this?
Yes, we require a minimum of 50 volunteer hours.

What is the application process in becoming a volunteer?
The application process takes 4-6 weeks and includes:

  1. Attending the information session and receiving an application form
  2. Dropping off the completed application form and two references
  3. Attending a scheduled interview and upon successful completion, obtaining a letter confirming your police record check
  4. Completing a two-step TB test at PRHC in Occupational Health (requires 4 visits) and having a photo I.D. taken in Human Resources
  5. Attending a General Orientation arranged by Volunteer Services (2 hours)
  6. Training – minimum two sessions of on-the-job training with another volunteer
  7. Arranging a schedule with Volunteer Services according to availability

Will I incur any costs to volunteer?
There may be a small, one-time fee to obtain the police record check, depending on your area of residence.